The Evil Free Will.


When confronted with the problem of Evil the believers usually argue that their God has created man with a free will and that’s why there still are suffering and evil in the world. (This implies that Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross was all in vain, but that’s their problem). “Free will” here obviously means “ability to do evil”, cause if one uses ones free will to do good, then our free will is no problem, is it?

If the all-knowing, all-powerful creator God knows in advance that if he creates mankind with a free will, then this will cause mankind a lot of unnecessary suffering and death, what does this tell us about the God? Is this a God who wishes the best for his creation?
A good benign God, one who really cared for his puny creations well-being, one should think would create them in such a way that their existence would be as good as possible. Shouldn’t an omnipotent creator God be able to create a mankind with a happy blissful existence even without this unfortunate free will? One seldom misses what one never has known. Or did God Almighty think that the sadistic joy some find in inflicting suffering for others, is more valuable and precious than the misery and pain of their victims?

Monster God If we browse the Bible we soon realize that God is extraordinarily fond of the death penalty, of penitence, sacrifice, vengeance, spilling of blood and suffering. First he drowns his own creations with a great flood, later he even sends his own and only son to earth to suffer torture and a slow painful death. Is this something a benign and loving God should do?? A really good almighty deity would certainly find a far better way of dealing with human’s “sins”, a solution without death and suffering.

Many liberal Christians see this obvious irony, but instead of facing the consequences and discard this Monster God on the garbage heap of history, they try to transform the Monster God according to their own personal ideas of how he should be. Cruel, harsh but at the same time loving and just – in other words: a completely absurd deity.

Original Sin
Instead of blaming the one responsible, the Creator who obviously did a lousy job and created man with a lot of faults and shortcomings (according to Christian thinking), Christianity instead blames man himself. Christianity actually blames a fictious woman in a fictious garden who ate a bite of a fictious apple of knowledge. An apple God placed in the garden, so Satan (in the shape of a snake) could temp God’s fresh and gullible human creations. As an all-knowing God he, of course, knew in advance that they would give in to this temptation. He had created them with “free will”, mind you.
What kind of stupid ridiculous nonsense is this?

All mankind is condemned because of this, and in dire need of Salvation. We are all supposedly born as “Sinners”, we are full of “Sin” even before we can consciously formulate a thought! Because of some apple nibbling, the son of God had to magically fly to earth in person and sacrifice himself. All because of a fictious couple (Adam and Eve) who never existed, in a fictious garden ate a fictious magic apple placed there solely to tempt them. This is the very holy foundation of original sin, and the reason we all need Christianity’s blessed “Salvation”.
This is complete and utter rubbish!!

So, if we choose to ignore the completely fictious story of Adam and Eve (and who takes that one seriously?), both original sin and the need for salvation, evaporates. Hey presto! So, it is only if you seriously believe that the Garden of Eden story is hard historical facts, you should be in need for Christianity’s blessed salvation (and maybe a quick visit to the doctor to check your head).

Originalsinisis vulgaris
Christianity is like a quack who tells you that everyone is born with a terrible disease called “originalsinisis”, and it is only the quack’s special treatment arrangement that can help. The problem is that you first become cured after you have died, - first then will the quack’s treatment work. But until then you must follow the bizarre treatment arrangement your whole life.

The treatment arrangement consists of making you have a constant feeling of guilt, encourage you to not use your brain much, shun everything resembling rationality and reason, suppress your natural sexuality and most important of all: believe blindly and without question all the crazy old stories the quack is telling you. It also helps to once in a while eat a little human flesh and drink a little human blood at the quack’s fancy high lofted clinic.

The disease ”originalsinisis” has however no physical symptoms whatsoever, and is completely unknown for real world medicine. Another suspicious thing is of course that the quack's medical reference book is two thousand years old and maybe not completely up to date.

If you suspect that ”originalsindisis” really is just a fictious nonsense-disease, and therefore choose not to follow the quack’s strange, retarding and often expensive treatment, the quack threatens you with that your body will be burned. However, this will first happen after your death, and since cremation is a fairly common funeral practice nowadays, this is actually not a very intimidating threat.

Since the quack in a no credible or convincing way can prove that “originalsinisis” exists, or even is probable at all, there is no reason to follow his absurd treatment scheme either, and the chances for a far happier, richer, lighter and more fulfilling life increases dramatically.

“And what can we say about a Church, which indeed promises its followers eternal salvation, but at the same time condemns the non-believers and everyone thinking differently, to eternal torture in hell?
– If that Church wants to talk about love, then it should do so very, very quietly.”

Arnulf Øverland
(Norwegian author and poet)