Judgement and Damnation

by Bandoli.no

Within Christianity there has been a common agreement that all heathens are hopelessly doomed.
They are condemned for reasons they according to all possible concepts of fairness cannot be held accountable. People who never known anything of the holy scriptures, or heard about any Jesus, and therefore have no possibility to be “born again”, are according to Christianity condemned to eternal torment.

The blind unconditionally faith is the only way to salvation, and to avoid hell. Even if a person is morally spotless in all his repute and behavior, he is still heading for hell if he doesn't believe. I may not even be enough to be a Christian either, since Christianity is no unambiguous notion. There are some thousand different Christian denominations, with somewhat big discrepancies in their teachings and dogmas, and they cannot all be right at the same time. So even a devout pious Christian are sure to go to hell in most other congregations.

In the 16h century catholic theologians declared that all protestants were doomed, and the protestants on the other hand scorned Charled Dumoulin (1500-1561) (French jurist and Calvinist) for criminal compliance when he meant that some catholics could avoid hell. As late as in the Vatican-concile in 1870, Protestantism was called a godless plague (pestis).
So the different Christian congregations have since the beginning condemned all other congregations to eternal damnation. Christians have always used massively more resources and energy to fight other Christians than they ever have used fighting heathens. The fight have also been far more hateful and implacable.

Unbaptized children
The Christian theologians have also condemned a group to eternal torture, a group without the slightest possibility to commit a sin or think a sinful though – the unbaptized children. Accordin to christian teaching, we are all born as sinners. Ever since Eva ate the fruit in the garden of Eden, original sin is part of humanity – according to the theologians. We have committed our first sin even before we are born, and before we are at all able to formulate even a coherent thought. The concept of original sin is maybe the most retarded and despicable theological nonsense ever dreamt up. But it has been very effective to keep recruiting new members to the Church. Members to young to even know anything about the religion, or anything else for that matter. Hell, even for grown adults most of the religious dogmas is mostly pompous mumbo-jumbo and abracadabra, for normal intelligent and sane people.

The baptism water has allegedly some magical powers to wash away this original sin, if the robed church magician say his abracadabra formula correct. It's amazing. Ever since the days of the Church father Augustin, baptism has been crucial for salvation. If a child died before it could be baptized, it was doomed for all eternity. But Augustin meant that the babies punishment would be as light as possible. But punished they would be, make no mistake about that.
The pious Fulgentius was a bit harsher, and meant that even unborn babies would suffer eternal torture if they should died in their mothers womb. This is probably something very few of todays modern theologians would dare to say publicly. But it is a logical consequence of the “original sin” idea, still upheld by Christian theology today. We are all born sinners because of Eve, a complete fairy tale character that never existed, in a silly fairy tale. Original sin is still a base dogma for the Christian church and baptism is the only cure, and unbaptized babies goes straight to a burning hell. What a beautiful and heartwarming concept this is for the priests to tell grieving religious parents who just have lost a child during the pregnancy. These days I guess most priests keep their mouth shut about this, and pretend it is not the case.

Fire and brimstone
Hell and the eternal burning torture has during most of Christianity been understood as a clearly physical and real thing, at least among the congregations. The church father and platonic Origen of Alexandria (185-254 AD) was harshly condemned for his notion that the hellfire may be understood as more of a inner fire in your consciousness, than a real fire. The esteemed protestant theologians Jeremy Taylor and Jonathan Edwards claimed in the 18th century, on the contrary, the fires of Hell were far more painful than any earthly fire.

Pious Sadism
To be burnt alive, is as bad as it gets on its own as punishment, but in addition for this to last an hour, or a day, a week or years on end is peak sadism. But for the christian religion this is not enough, by far. Even hundreds, or thousands of years, even millions of years is not enough for the Christian “merciful” God Almighty. No, torture by burning for the rest of eternity is the grand idea.
And according to Thomas Aquino, for centuries the Catholic Church's biggest theological authority, was a central part of being in Heaven to enjoy and really revel in watching the poor bastards in hell being tormented. Through this joyous and edifying spectacle, the righteous Christians in Heaven could really enjoy their heavenly bliss even more.

The very same view has also been expressed within protestantism, by referring to the psychological effect of contrast, that the feeling of enjoyment increases through the knowledge of the possible opposite suffering. All this seem to indicate that life in the Christian afterlife, is an existence with complete loss of the capacity of empathy, compassion, mercy and kindness. Exactly the traits that define us as “humane” and “good people”. Some afterlife.

Theological Perversions
Theological perversions is one thing in theory, but in Christianity hordes of real people have been burnt alive on bonfires by the Religious. The bonfires of heretics and witches have burned ever since early medieval times. The fires burned by far most often and most intensely in protestant countries, for three centuries between the 15th and 18th century.

Ever since Christianity became state religion in the forth century, people have been burned alive in the name of Jesus. “Everyone was burned, women, men, catholics and protestants, idiots and scholars, four year old children and 80 years old ladies. Alike and unlike were thrown into the fire and turned to ashes.”...”Even sick and dying old ladies were carried in their beds to the city square and thrown into the fire (Deschner 1987). The reason for burning the heretics and witches, was to prevent them to rise again on Judgement Day. The last “witch” was burned at the stake in Poland as late as 1793.

Mostly the victims of the Church's religious genocide, were other Christians, people with deviant interpretations and different understanding of the same holy texts.
The philosopher and writer Voltaire calculated that from antiquity until his own time, Christians had murdered 9 468 800 other Christians on the basis of differences in theology. He did not include the number of non-Christians, heathens, Muslims and Jews killed.
Voltaire's number may be a bit too exact, and maybe somewhat exaggerated, since we do not know the exact number. But he may not be very far off.

Men will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.

Denis Diderot